Vonda D.
Sober Guru and Owner of "Cherishing My Moments"

  • Certified Recovery Coach/Sober Companion/Sober Coach
  • Certified Parenting Coach
  • Certified Stress Management Coach
  • CPR/FA/AED Certified All Levels
  • CPR/FA/AED/Blood Pathogens Instructor
  • Professional Visitation Monitors (Court Approved)
  • Business/Personal Coach
Highlight of Qualifications
  • Nutritional and Spiritual Guidance
  • Engage clients in stress-free sober activities and entertainment
  • Experience in House Management/Personal Assistant
  • Experience in working with drug, alcohol, feeding disorders, bi-polar, gambling, co-occuring disorders, anger issues, suicidal tendencies, shopping addictions, and mental and physical illness.
  • Extensive experience working with high profile and celebrity clientele
  • Experience in working with courts and attornies
  • Extremely efficient
  • Maintains confidentiality and high respect for privacy

Lamel L.
Certified Professional Life Coach

Trained with the ability to mentor and help and individual that wants to reclaim there life. My mission is to help individuals reach there full potential. The goal is to realize there`s hope in your current struggle.

Mercedes C
Professional Life Coach

  • Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics
  • Certified Professional Visitation Monitor
  • Certified CPR, First Aid, AED, BLS, American Heart Association
  • 35+ years experience with helping children and families on a personal and professional level.
  • Assist individuals experiencing challenges due to poor choices.

Highlight of Qualifications
  • Reliable, accountable, and straight forward in providing tools to enhance lives.
  • Proficient in recognizing alcohol and drug addictions
  • Sensitive to emotion and physical needs
  • Inspire and motivate individuals to achieve more
  • Sober escort for events
Robert C.
Sober Coach

Proficient in helping men and women recreate and live a productive, meaningful life throughout the recovery process.

Highlight of Qualifications
  • 15 Years Sober (Drugs/Alcohol)
  • Professional Bodyguard
  • Engage clients in productive activities, including but not limited to  hiking, swimming, exercise, rock climbing, sports, movies, concerts, etc)
  • Help clients to create and maintain healthy eating habits.
  • Experience with teens and adults, both genders.

Chris E.
Sober Coach

  • Background in mental health/drug addiction counseling.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Counseling.
  • 15 years with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
  • Experience in training in non-violent crisis intervention, substance abuse counseling, motivational interviewing, and supported employment.
  • Licensed and ordination Minister.
  • Experience in spiritual counseling and guidance through the recovery process.

Tara L.
Sober Coach

Tara is dedicated to helping people of all ages build healthier and fuller lives through intensive life skills support, relapse prevention, crisis prevention, and personal goal counseling.
  • Caring and active participant in the recovery of individuals learning to adjust to a clean lifestyle.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing
  • Certified Massage Therapy
  • Experience in life coaching.
  • 20 years experience with adult and adolescent abusive lifestyles.

Highlight of Qualifications

  • Help clients stay away from various addictive behavior
  • Create new healthy and sustainable daily habits
  • Focus on nutrition and fitness as an alternative to discourage relapse
  • Sober escort for events
  • Available for foreign and domestic travel escorting
  • Provide discrete high profile and entertainment sober coaching
  • Provide coaching sessions to meet individualized needs.
  • Motivator, cheerleader, role model and mentor to aid long-term success in recovery
  • Guide clients to make good choices in life